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Joseph Schmittou Detachment #1083

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HQMC http://www.hqmc.marines.mil/ 7664
Headquarters Marine Corps Front Page
Ribbon Checker http://kepler.pratt.duke.edu/USMCRibbons.html 5965
A way to make sure your ribbons are in the proper order
Together We Served http://marines.togetherweserved.com/usmc/index.jsp 5607
Looking for a lost buddy? Try dropping in here and asking around.
The GA Black Sheep Det http://www.gamarine.org 5350
The Black Sheep Detachment (Atlanta)
USMC Clipart http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Free+Marine+Corp+Clip+Art&qpvt=Free+Marine+Corp+Clip+Art&FORM=IGRE 5214
A link to some useful USMC Clipart images
Marine Link http://www.marinelink.com/ 5162
News Marines Can Use
USMC Graphics http://www.leatherneck.com/dougkidd/ 4962
Some nice Marine Corps computer graphics
National HQ http://www.mcleague.com/mdp/ 4913
Marine Corps League National Headquarters
USMC History https://www.mcu.usmc.mil/historydivision/SitePages/USMC%20History%20Division.aspx 4606
Marine Corps History Website
Detachment Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Athens-Marine-Corps-League-Joseph-Schmittou-Detachment-1083-2337045419872729/?eid=ARCve5EkKnRPt7ufMbp3GVhb4aSD1yfkBW6TVEtZSL_2lx2KhtbW0TEPIPb5-x3Rwcn-zuMRpozfpKSO&fref=tag 2
Our Detachment Facebook Page (Bulletin Board) Read Twice Daily


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