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Posted by: adjutant on 05/24/2006 01:52 AM
Updated by: adjutant on 12/30/2010 06:18 PM
Expires: 01/01/2011 12:00 AM

Commandant's Call

Roll Call Of Fallen Marines

The following Members of Detachment have transferred their membership to "Heaven's Scenes". The transfer dates are given if known.

Thomas Poulnott 1700 11 Dec 2007

CPL James Steven Holloway 0600 26 Apr 2009

Louis Carter Trousdale Jr. 16 June 2009

William Strickland 14 July 2009

Jessie W Seabolt 24 February 2010

All detachment meetings take place at Buffalo's Cafe,
in the Beechwood Shopping Center, located at Alps Road and Baxter Street, Athens GA.
on the 3rd Monday of each month at 1900
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NOTE !! The January 2011 Meeting will be Monday the 17th at 1900. Come early for a social time and dinner.

While you are here I urge you to check out our Photo Albums

From the Commandant:

Listen Up, Marines!

The Commandant has a few well chosen words for us all.

Here we are again Beginning a new year. It is a bit cold around here but folks, it is hotter in Iraq and we have several members over there as well as the offspring of a few Marines from our detachment. Lets remember them as we start this years detachment business.

I Hope that you and your families are all in good health and that you all had a happy and safe Christmas and New Years. I also hope that any visiting you had time for was really enjoyed by all.

Our Detachment has grown by more than 15 members thanks to the hard work and recruiting guidance of Ike Eidell, our membership chair, and the efforts of our members. It is still the time for each and every one of us to get in there and find some more of our lost brothers and sisters and bring them in from the cold.

Congratulations are also rendered to our new Department of Georgia Senior Vice Commandant, Frank Corrick, who is also our detachment's Commandant. Two of our Devil Pups were promoted to Devil Dogs this year. They were Don Chavez, and Ike Eidell. Ken was also voted into the Military Order of the Devil Dogs.

Operation Support-A-Hero has had a successful year under the guidance of Senior Vice Commandant Ken Borders and His Wife. More than 400Care Packages Have gone "downrange". Try and find some time to come out and help prepare more packages to the troops. "Bravo Zulu" once again MARINES.

"Bravo Zulu" to our Adjutant who has just finished his annual Toys For Tots pilgrimage around the 16 county AOR for the 2010 T4T Campaign. He was able to round up 9000 toys personally and bring them in from over 164 pick up locations logging over 3,800 miles on his Dodge pick-up this year as he helped the NSCS Athens MarDet reach their total of 23,000 toys. He will have all the final figures by the January Meeting.

We had a great year in 2009 and reached some new milestones, Thanks to all of my staff and to you members as well working with you has been a rewarding experience. Nominations are due for new elected officers at the February meeting so be considering who you want to lead the detachment next year.

In closing let me just convey my heart-felt thanks to all the Marines of the Joseph Schmittou Detachment for all that you do. Please Remember all of our Brothers and Sisters who are in Harms way all around the world. Keep them in your prayers and ask God to bring them safely home when their mission is complete.

Semper FI
Frank Corrick
Commandant MCL#1083

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